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Your bank can private label and issue certificates of deposits (CDs) with interest based on the performance of a market index, basket of stocks, commodity index or exchange-traded fund of choice by partnering with Bankers Financial Services, LLC.

Bankers Financial Services offers a proprietary comprehensive turn-key program, allowing your bank to issue Market-Linked CDs from your balance sheet within 60 days from the initiation of the program.

Market-Linked CDs combine the long-term growth potential of the equity markets with the safety and security of traditional CDs. Instead of paying a fixed rate of interest, market-linked CDs pay interest based on the appreciation of a market index, such as the Dow Jones Industrial Average, subject to a participation rate which varies from issue to issue depending on prevailing market conditions.

The Market-Linked CD principal is guaranteed by your bank, as the issuing bank, if held to maturity. Additionally, the original investment is FDIC insured up to applicable limits.

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