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Our Company

At Bankers Financial Services, our mission is to provide exceptional, comprehensive and innovative services to positively impact the banking industry and investors.

For more than a decade, we have specialized in providing comprehensive services relating to the structure analysis and issuances of FDIC-insured, market-linked Certificate of Deposits sold in banks, by broker dealers and other financial institutions throughout the United States.

We take pride in our knowledge, experience, resources and service that enable us to provide all-inclusive, turnkey market-linked CD programs to our bank partners and their customers.

We provide all of the services needed for issuing banks to obtain low cost funding through issuance of core or brokered deposits within 60 days, including complete accounting, operational processes, disclosure and policy templates, sales training, marketing materials and much more.


Why Bankers Financial Services?

Proven Experience

Since 2001, our experienced team of banking, brokerage and technology specialists has assisted over 150 financial institutions across the U.S. in the implementation of safe, proven and profitable market-linked CD programs.

Timing to Market

With our quick-to-market solution, our bank partners are able to begin issuing market-linked CDs from their own balance sheet in as little as 60 days from initiation of the program.

Knowledge & Expertise

Our bank partners rely on support from our experienced professionals throughout the development and launch of the market-linked CD program. We have knowledge and experience in every area of the bank involved.

Established Capital Markets Network

Through our established, independent relationships with a number of investment-grade counterparties, our bank partners have access to a variety of options to mitigate market risk.

Powerful Technology

Our powerful technology solutions fully support the product life cycle.

Committed Partnership

We take pride in providing exceptional, comprehensive and innovative services that allow our bank partners to benefit from increased revenues and high-quality, long-term stable funding. You and your customers are important to us!

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