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Program Benefits

Issuing your own market-linked certificates gives your credit union the opportunity to:

  • Enjoy increased fee income/revenues.
  • Take advantage of a low-cost funding source.
  • Benefit from high-quality, long-term, stable funding.
  • Gain a competitive advantage.
  • Attract new and existing member deposits.
  • Expand your product offerings while promoting your brand with a private-labeled product.

Issuing Market-Linked Certificates gives your credit union's financial advisors the opportunity to:

  • Sell your credit union branded certificates rather than those offered by your competitors.
  • Minimize investment risk for their clients.
  • Differentiate your investment recommendations from competitors.
  • Earn commission.

Program Benefits

Member Benefits

Market-Linked Certificates offer unique benefits for your members:

  • 100% principal protection when held to maturity
  • NCUA insurance coverage (up to applicable limits)
  • Portfolio diversification
  • Growth potential with limited downside risk
  • Affordable minimum deposit of $1,000
  • No member commissions